5 Best Ways to Video Call from Facetime to Android

In the course of time, Facetime made its way in everyone’s phone and PC. You just need a device equipped with a front camera and you can Facetime anyone from anywhere around the world. Face-to-Face interaction is the best way of having a conversation besides doing text messages to your friends and family. 

In these uncertain circumstances of the global pandemic, there is a huge dramatic shift in our personal and professional lives. We need to make a way out and stabilize our daily routine. Facetime is the best trending app to connect with family, friends, staff and you can do business meetings, conferences with more than 100 people at one time through video calls. We can chat, share files, send funny emojis, and make the conversation more lively. And there are many more amazing features in Facetime. Facetime is only enabled in iOS devices and MAC. 

Now if the non-iPhone user is surfing for a way out to do Facetime from there Android phone or Windows then take it easy, We got a few similar apps for you with the same features. These apps can be easily set up in your devices. We recommend you some supreme app as an alternative of Facetime in Android.


Whatsapp is a free text chatting, video, and audio chatting app. This app is mostly accessed for messaging and video calling with family and friends. The messages are well secure and private with its end-to-end encryption. This app eats up fewer data and works better even with low network speed. You can share documents and images, put status. Whatsapp is the best alternative Facetime you can use in your Android phone to communicate. You can make a video call from your contact list and add a few more participants. 


Facebook messenger has been in use on a wide-scale universally. Millions of people are now opting for Facebook messenger as the best platform for chatting, for doing video calls, for communicating via stickers, emojis, and make the conversation more fun. You can download it from Google play in your Android device. Facebook is used by lots of individuals for personal and business communication. Messenger room feature is recently been released where you can join a group video call up to 50 people. It utilizes fewer data and works even with low network speed. Facebook is highly encrypted and provides the best quality of the HD video. 


When we surf for best video calling service provider, Skype is still holding on with the highly subscribed applications worldwide. You can make free video calls and text messages unlimitedly from anywhere to anytime. It has amazing features with good quality of voice and face chat service. If you and any of the other person from your contact list is on Skype then you can have face-to-face interaction through video calls. Skype can be easily downloaded in any Android device, Desktop and, iPhone devices from Google Play. Skype is the best substitute of Facetime in android currently. You have had group meetings or business meetings by conferencing video group calls.


Zoom meeting cloud is recently mounting with large number of the subscriber. It is the best video conferencing application currently streaming across everywhere. You can virtually communicate with people through video or audio calls. Zoom meeting conducts Live chats and also store call records of every session. This app is private and secure with end-to-end encryption. You can upload the app from Google play in your Android device to Facetime and conduct business meetings with a group of people through Video calls.


Snapchat is one of the most popular photo chatting application. In spite of doing text messages, we can communicate with photo chats, funny stickers, bitmoji avatars, and do more lively conversations. You can also share files, can do video calls and audio calls, and also add amazing filters to photos that will disappear once viewed. And there you will get the best photo and video editing tools. You can broadcast Live stories to all the followers. Snapchat have innovated features of Snap Map, you can get updates of the latest trends and breaking news. This app can be downloaded from Google pay for free.


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