Facetime is an audio-video calling application support only in Apple devices like IOS and macOS. This application is compatible in iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch, Mac and to other iOS devices. 

Facetime allow user to talk, chat, to see and to take real time pictures with anyone, anywhere, anytime with its high quality audio and video output. The phone software uses the device’s camera and audio. 

Most people prefer Facetime because of its high-quality video and audio output. It is the most secure video calling application with encrypted video calls with anyone. There are many other apps other than Facetime, that allow people to do video calls in Windows PC or Android phone. 

Continue reading the below article to download Facetime on your PC.

How to get Facetime on PC ?

You can download any Facetime app apk in your COMPUTER or Laptop .You need to have android emulator To download or To install Facetime Apk app in PC/Laptop/Windows. For 32 bit and 64 bit OS windows PC/laptop you must go through this Top emulators for Windows/PC/Laptops. You can download any Facetime app apk in your COMPUTER or Laptop using Android emulator, iPadian emulator, Bluestacks and also You Wave. 

Feature of Facetime in PC Windows 

· High Video and Audio Calling 

· Consume Low Data 

· HD quality Picture-in-Picture 

· User friendly 

· A Group FaceTime with many people at once. 

· Use it by connecting it to Wi-Fi or cellular data. 

· Use front-facing FaceTime camera to show your face 

· It’s Free 

Download Facetime in Windows 10 PC 

The below following methods are use to download and install Facetime in an Windows 10 PC:- 

1.By Using Bluestacks 

Firstly, you need to make sure your PC have all Bluestacks installation requirements then you have to download Bluestacks Android Emulator in your Windows 10 PC before downloading Facetime on computer, You can download bluestacks applications from the official site https://www.bluestacks.com. 

1. To Download Bluestacks Android Emulator you have to Click on Download Bluestacks to start downloading. 

2. You can now install Bluestacks Android Emulator in your PC and Once its done restart your PC. 

3. Open Bluestacks application and now you can sign in using your email id.

4. Download Facetime Apk., you can visit m.apkpure.com to download the Apk. 

5. Once the apk file is downloaded, you can then install facetime using Bluestacks. 

6. Do right-click on the setup in the file location and choose open with options, then click on Bluestacks. 

7. Installation process and once its done, you can use FaceTime in your PC. 

How to Use Facetime on Bluestacks ?

Now that Facetime application is available in your PC. You can Signup by entering your email address with password. 

· On Facetime, you can add contact details of people so want to video call using Facetime. 

· Choose the contacts you want to make a call, or else you can use their email address to         make calls.

· You can also send a message if you want to text instead of doing video or audio calls. 

· Check your Microphone and web camera before you make a video call. 

· You can begin your video call with many people at a time. 

2.By Using iPadian iOS Emulator 

The next method to download facetime for your PC is by using the iPadian iOS emulator. 

· Downloaded the iOS and iPad simulator You can visit ipadian.net to download iPadian iOS emulator. 

· Click on Download. You will have to pay to get it download. 

· Once downloaded, you can Install the ipadian simulator on your Windows 10 PC. 

· Now Open App Store and there you can find Facetime application. 

· Click on Download to install the app on your Windows PC. 

· Once downloaded, you can open the application and start using Facetime. 

· Start using Facetime on iPadian emulator just like Bluestacks. 

3.By Using Appetize.io

Appetize simulates and emulates iOS and Android so you can use Appetize.io if you want to download on your Windows 10 PC. Facetime is an iOS device application therefore you must download Appetize.io before you upload it to Appetize.io. 

-  Click on ADD Media to select Facetime app on Appetize.io

-     Now sign-in Facetime app and open it on your Windows 10 PC.

Best Alternative of Facetime in PC

Best Alternatives for Facetime app you can use in your PC are Skype, imo, WeChat, Google Hangout and other applications.

1. Skype for free calls

Skype is the best Communications Software product in the market. Skype got rated 90% for user satisfaction level. Skype is widely used free voice and video calling application. Skype works with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. 

Download Skype in your PC

- - Create an account in Skype and sign-in email id and Password.

- - You can add Skype contact list and choose anyone to start texting, or do video and audio calls to anywhere in the entire world.

- - You need to get paid subscription if you want to do video call by adding 10 people at a time.

2. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout is also a popular communication service provider through text messages, voice calling and video calling features from Google services. Google Hangouts is synced with Google+ and Gmail. You don’t need to create another account. You can further use it by login your Google Account. You can use Hangout from PC and Mobile hangouts will be available in Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

Google hangout are useful and cost-effective for users.It can connect upto 10 individuals to add in video calls at the same time. It is just like Skype and facebook messenger.

Get Start using Google hangout in your PC. 

Login to hangouts.google.com or Open Hangouts in Gmail in your Computer. 

1. click on New conversation +. 

2. Enter and select a name or email address synced with your contact.

3. Now start texting and send emojis and pictures.

4. Press Enter in your computer to send message. 

3. ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is now wildly popular group video calling and chat app that allow professionals to connect globally with 100 participants at a time.Zoom cloud meetings was very much usefull to implement work from anywhere, anytime during this Global pandemic COVID-19.

Zoom is an easy-to-use application. You can get subscription to use extra benefits if required. There are Small Business packages that increase time limitation and adds new features. In some packages it provides unlimited cloud storage for video recordings and discounts on webinars and Zoom Rooms.

Paid subscription starts at $16 per month with a host and multiple participants are allowed to caps group meetings longer than 40minutes.

These are some best features of using Zoom App:
· Group Meetings
· Video Webinar
· Conference Rooms
· Business
· Training sessions
· Hide non-video participants
· Record meetings
· Turn off camera or mute audio by default

Download Zoom Meeting Cloud in your PC

1. Open Zoom.us in your PC. 

2. Click "Download". 

3. In the Download Center , click "Download" for "Zoom Client for Meetings". 

4. The Zoom application will then start downloading. Click on the file to Install. 

5. Once Installed, you can login your Zoom account.

4. imo Video Calling App

imo is best facetime alternative you can use in your computer. It allows users to make free one to one video chats, video calls group meetings and voice calls via internet chat. imo app provides high quality even in low network speed. imo app is available in Windows, Mac and Android devices.

Download imo in your PC 

1.Download imo for PC through this link - https://www.imoforpc.net/

2.Now Double Click on It, and Install. 

3.Now Open and Enter your Mobile Number and Click on Continue Button. 

4.Enter OTP from your phone and once it done you can start using imo in your PC. 


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