How to Facetime Between an iOS and Windows PC ?


Under the circumstances of COVID-19 over millions of people are looking for a way to connect with there family and friends. Here are some best ideas for you to communicate in spite of social distancing and self-isolation.

Face chatting is now trending with its growing popularity. Many more people are turning out for voice calls and video calling applications which is easy to configure and setup in iOS, MAC, Android, and Windows PC. 

Facetime is a communicating application only available in iOS and MAC devices. It provides the best HD quality of video and audio chatting services. If you want to contact your iPhone to some other iOS user you can dial their contact number and can get connected. 

Moreover, if you are thinking of Facetime non-iPhone users then not to worry, we are here with some amazing ways to Facetime between iPhone to Android and iPhone to Windows PC. There are certain apps that support both operating systems.


Skype is been around the most protracted face chatting, voice calling, and texting app with a collection of special features that will be functional for those who want to set up a team meeting, business meetings, and video conferences with call recording features and end-to-end secure encryption. Skype can be downloaded in Windows PC, Android, and other iOS devices.


Google duo has been recently uplifted with high popularity for video chatting in mobile app and windows PC. It allows the user to connect with 32 participants all across. The voice chat, Face chat, and text messages are secure with end-to-end encryption. Google duo is a free service provider. It uses fewer data and has a video preview with knock-knock features. Also, provide great quality of video calling and screen sharing. Google duo user needs a google account to access this application in the mobile devices and Windows PC.


Facebook Messenger is a free instant chatting app developed by Facebook Inc. This app can be compatible and easy to setup in any operating system. You can now download the Facebook messenger app in Windows PC, Android mobile devices, and iOS devices. This app makes messaging come to life and make conversation funny with crazy reactions, emoji, and dancing GIF.


Viber is a VoIP application, It allows the user to exchange instant messages, images, video calls, call recording. Viber app is accessible in Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS devices. As of now, there are millions of people registered for this app. With Viber, your private chat is well secure with end-to-end encryption by default and In-transit encryption. This app is fused with some amazing features hidden chats and self-destructing chats.


Zoom meeting application is the best ongoing communicating software in the market. This app is integrated with high-grade quality of the video, audio services and screen sharing properties. Zoom meeting application brought up a way for Face-to-Face interaction to the business meetings, training sessions, conference rooms discussion, and webinars with 1000 participants in video calls. This app is easy to get along with Windows, PC, Android, and iPhone devices. 

Download now and access it with the newest features.


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