Free Video Calls Facetime on PC

 5 Best Alternatives to make Free Video Calls Facetime in PC

Facetime is on its headway towards extreme popularity and progress mainly during the uncertain Global pandemic where self isolation, social distancing and Lockdown in various cities and countries had limited physical contacts with our close ones.

 So the Global pandemic is now making lot of chaos and befuddling with many day-to day issues related to work, studies, business and mainly contacting co-workers, friends and family. Face to face communication is way better than chatting. Facetime has now uptrending with its innovative features of video calling chats which can connect one to many people in a row.

As we can’t wait till this complex circumtances to resume back to its normal routine, we are here to help you out how to resume your work from home, you can continue doing business, studies, and hangout with friends using Facetime in PC through video chatting and conferencing calls.

Facetime is an application inbuilt only in iOS and MAC devices. Facetime isn’t supportive in other Android or Windows PC devices.

Keep reading the below article to find the best couple of Facetime substitute to make free video calls from your Windows PC or other Android device.


1.     Skype Video Calling App


Skype is the best medium for connecting with people around the world. Skype uses VoIP internet telephony network which allows you to connect. Skype is the best communication platform in the market.




§  Supportive with Windows 7/8/10, Android, iOS and Mac devices.

§  One-to-One free voice calling

§  Free video calling and screen sharing

§  Group calls with 1 to 50 capacity

§  Record calls with Live subtitles

§  Smart messaging with fun reaction

§  Share files

§   Best video quality with VQA,HQ,HD

§  Call Landline and mobiles at low rates.



Get skype on your Windows PC by visiting


PRICE - Free

2. Google Hangouts App

Google Hangout is a communicating system software developed by Google. It uses voice and IP Telephony product. This app is cost-effective for users and best voice and video calling application.



§  Group calls with upto 1 10 150 capacity.

§  HD Video calling

§  Voice calls

§  Instant messaging

§  Smart mute

§  Auto focus system

§  Compatable with Windows PC, Android, iOs devices

§  End-to-End encryption



Start using Google hangout in your PC by Login to


PRICE - Free
3. ZOOM Cloud Meetings App

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is growing popularity globally. This application has been very usefull during this Global pandemic for resumption of work anywhere, anytime through its group video calling and chatting features. Zoom meeting is the best Facetime alternative for group business meetings and conferences in Windows PC.



§  Group Meetings with 1 to 100 participants at a time.

§  Video Call Recording

§  Capped meetings for more than 40 minutes

§  Webinars

§  Online Classes

§  Conference Rooms

§  Business meetings

§  Paid subscription for unlimited package

§  Compatable with Windows PC, Android, iOs devices

§  High quality video



Get Zoom cloud meetings on your windows PC. Click on the given link


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4. imo Video Calling App

imo Face chatting application is the another best substitute of facetime you can use to connect with your loved ones in your Windows PC.



§  Low Data consumption

§  Free Video Calls

§  Free Chatting

§  Supportive with Windows, Android, iOS devices

§  HD quality Video Calls

§  Works in low network speed



Start using imo face chatting app by downloading it from given link


PRICE - Free

5.Wire Video Calling App

Wire is a secure messaging application. This is the best app to download in Windows PC. Wire has integrated with intensely secure end-to-end encryption.


§  Work with Low network connectivity

§  Voice calling

§  Face chatting with maximum 10 participants

§  Conference calls

§  File sharing

§  Compatible with Windows, Android, MAC, iOS and Linux devices

§  Secure end-end encryption and robust features

§  Special sketch features

§  Supportive in web browser

§  Uses wireless data



Download Wire app by visiting the link

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